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"Inspiring the brave-hearted on a journey of courage deep within, to restore what matters most,

to aspire in one's TRUE\NORTH."

To inspire is to convey a feeling of joining a higher cause, influencing soulful action;

To be brave-hearted is the quality that allows someone to do things that may be frightening or dangerous;


Courage is the mental and moral strength to pause, or to venture, persevere, and withstand fear and difficulty, with heart and humility.


To aspire is to rise up to a great plan, an abundant hope of fulfilling a worthwhile mission.


To be a leader, by example.

Inspiring experience, strength and hope with fellow

high-achievers and with people of creative talent.

That my "better-than, invulnerable, perfectionistic, anti-dependent and controlling" characteristics that built my persona, and are admired by others, are often the characteristics that keep deeply hidden my most endearing and endangered vulnerabilities.

By giving our hidden vulnerabilities a voice;

by speaking our truth, out loud; to be heard and known,

we rediscover who we truly are, what matters most, to us.

 Aligning the aspirations of our truth, found on the inside, we live our TRUE\NORTH on the outside.

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